Melvin Myers — Executive Chef, Success Catering Inc.
Born and raised in the village of Buckleys, Chef Myers stepped onto the culinary scene on the shores of his small twin island state, Antigua & Barbuda at the age of 17 as a culinary trainee at the Half Moon Bay Hotel. His practical education in the field continued over the years with many influences in various positions at Halcyon Cove Hotel, Pillar Rock Condominiums and Jolly Beach Hotel over a 9- year period. In 1994 looking to fulfill his love of culinary arts Chef Myers was inspired to move to North America and he migrated to New York City the Mecca of Culinary opportunities. After working in various kitchens around New York City Chef Myers tested the waters as an entrepreneur and founded a small but growing catering business, Success Catering Inc.
25 Years Of Experience
This business has thrived over many years and has emerged as a force of inspiration and delight for his clients. Chef Myers has appeared on national TV on Good Morning America and has been featured in various local newspapers and articles highlighting food and fruit displays. Chef Myers has created stunning fruit displays for an illustrious list of clients including, The Consulate of Antigua & Barbuda, Consulate of Jamaica, Brooklyn District Attorneys Office, Mac Factor, Alize, Fubu and the Tamika Reggae Awards to name a few. Reserved but passionate about his craft Chef Myers has a drive and commitment to provide exquisite food and fruit sculptures and brings more than 25 years of experience to the table. When Chef Myers is not wearing the apron he enjoys making a difference in his community, especially among young people, helping them develop their culinary skills and abilities. He is an avid soccer and basketball enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his family.